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Get me the HELL out of here!!!!
Quiet Desperation Getting Louder
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8th-Dec-2015 11:45 pm - Another stray died
Thinking breakout kings by Guiltyreasons
possibly of distemper. I found him in the little house on the porch this morning that they sleep in. It's really the hood to a litter box but they use it as a shelter. No photos but he was a skinny little tabby named Bones. I'm guessing he might have been thrown outside because he was sick. No car , no money for a vet so no way to help him, just give him love and food. Dammit.
23rd-Nov-2015 06:10 pm - One of our strays died
chuck rose by thinhands
We started feeding him 2 weeks ago. He looked like he had been hit by a car. We couldn't take him to the vet because our car is broken and we wouldn't have had the money even if it had worked . I don't have a picture but we called him Jigsaw. He was a grey tabby. He lived on our porch and slept with the other strays. He looked like he was getting better but today he suddenly got very sick and limp . He died after a few hours and I buried him out back. I'm guessing something internal finally killed. At least we were able to make him comfortable and gave him affection for a while before he got sicker and died.
5th-Apr-2015 12:46 pm - RIP Henry
Thinking breakout kings by Guiltyreasons
Henry died today. He was almost 2 . We found him living at a gas station where he was begging for food. He had a severe cough and his voice never got very loud because his throat was damaged. He would hide and only come out for food sometimes after he had gotten into a fight with another cat so we didn't think anything about him hiding this last time. It turns out this time he was hiding because he had a prolapsed rectum. While it is treatable , he had already been hiding for a few days and hadn't been eating. I was able to get it back in but I couldn't get him to eat or drink. I even tried injecting milk into his mouth with a syringe. Because of the holidays even if we had had the money or a working car to get him to the vet it would have been closed. He was a good cat and he will be missed.

10th-Nov-2013 01:34 pm - Please share this around
Thinking breakout kings by Guiltyreasons
I have decided to resort to crowdfunding out of desperation to get my car fixed . It's got a multitude of problems but the head gasket seems to have blown and it was probably related to the hole kept cloed (and occassionaly blew) in the antifreeze tank.

Being in the middle of nowhere with no public transportation I desperately need a car not only for myself but because I'm my mother's caretaker.

Share this link please.

7th-Nov-2012 11:36 pm(no subject)
Lloyd smirrk
Is it evil of me that I wanted to go to my sister's Facebook page and go na na na na na over the election results?

I'm gleeful over the elction but depressed over the fact that my car is broken .
23rd-May-2012 08:32 am(no subject)
chuck rose by thinhands

Psycho died today. She hasn't been doing too good since the miscarriages. It looked like she was at first but she was just too old. I've had her for at least 12 years at my best guess and she was full grown when I found her. I know cats don't live as long in the wild so she might have used up some of her nine lives already by the time I found her but I was still hoping she'd live longer.

I watched her until she went to sleep last night then went to sleep myuself and at 7:30 am I was woke up by this strange sound . It was her. I picked her up in my arms and less than a minute later she was dead in my arms.

RIP baby . I'll miss you. All pain is over now.
6th-May-2012 09:15 am(no subject)
slightly bloody Peter renestarko
Psycho turned out to have yet another kitten in her. We didn't have a clue . I kept checking on her since she wasn't recovering as quickly as she was the last time and I was worried about her . I thought there was a good chance I'd have to take her to the nearest open vet(which on a Sunday might not be anywhere) and beg them to help her and set up a payment plan .

She seemed sluggish and I was checking to see if she was dripping anything and spotted feet sticking out of her. I woke up my mother ,grabbed a pair of exam gloves that were in the emergency kit and she pulled the dead kitten and the afterbirth out(she was a nurse for 20 years) while I held Psycho's head down where she couldn't bite us. The kitten is now buried in the flower bed with it's siblings.

Tomorrow, jury duty. Which will use up all my gas because the place is about 30 miles away . If the way this week is going is a trend, I'll oversleep and get arrested for dodging jury duty.
4th-May-2012 09:28 pm(no subject)
slightly bloody Peter renestarko
Psycho had another dead kitten today. We were pretty sure she would since she was showing signs that something was going on for a few days. We can't afford to get her fixed (and it might be risky since she's so old). If we had the money I'd get the 2 male cats fixed(cheaper and less invasive).

Unfortunately there's no programs around here to spay and neuter animals cheaply and they really need some since so many let thier animals run loose . Any place that would be cheaper (like taking them to the humane society to get fixed) would cost so much to get to and back and then there and back to pick them up (there's no one hour neutering) that it would actually be cheaper to get it done locally (and that's way too much).

Does anybody know of any programs that would pay for neutering at a local vets?
8th-Feb-2012 02:51 am(no subject)
slightly bloody Peter renestarko
My cat Psycho is minimum 12 years old at best guess because we've had her for 10 years and she was fully grown when we got her.

We've managed to keep her from getting pregnant by our other cats for a decade but last time either the 3 year old cat managed to knock her up (he's shorter than her so he would have to fight his instinct to bite her neck but he's smart so it's possible) or the possibly 6 month old kitten suddenly hit puberty.

She didn't look pregnant because she's had a saggy belly the entire time we've had her and she was acting crazy all day so we thought she was in heat (also yesterday she was overly affectionate and sometimes she does this before she goes into heat , it's also a sign of impending labor) . She kept attacking the kitten for getting in the closet (I think that's where she planned to nest) and she tried to chew on my ankle after I messed up the nest trying to see if she'd had a kitten in there and left it different than she had it and then she wrapped herself around my ankle and tried to scratch and chew in a circle (the kitten does this sometimes but his claws and teeth aren't nearly as painful) . She was bleeding a little so i was looking up info and then suddenly there was a kitten and afterbirth at my feet.

Unfortunately the kitten was born dead with an apparant broken neck . Probably because she had been trying to give birth all day or because of the wrestling fight she got into with the kitten.

I buried the kitten in the flowerbed (no flowers are in it) as deep as I could using what I had available (an ice cream scoop ) so that no animals would dig it up.

RIP Psychokitty's baby. I wish you had survived .
Thinking breakout kings by Guiltyreasons
On friday the 27th at 4:44pm saying that

Every free account with Photobucket is allotted 10 GB of monthly
bandwidth and our records show that you have less than 3 GB of
bandwidth left to your account.

What seemed like a second later I got this

You have exceeded the 10 GB monthly bandwidth limit on your free
Photobucket account. As such, your image and video links have been
temporarily disabled. Your images and videos have not been deleted but
will be reactivated on the 23rd of the month, when your bandwidth
usage resets to zero.

My first thought was that it was a phishing attempt or someone had hacked my account. Both proved false which leaves HOTLINKING as the cuprit. Now this is a bit of internet rudeness I don't understand. If you want to use an image somewhere you save it to your hard drive , create a free photobucket account and then do what you have to do to show it off. That's what I did and how I got the images in the first place (someone posted them and offered to to others as long as we didn't hotlink, I didn't make them)and then link to that. It's simple , polite and takes less than 30 minutes plus it doesn't use up anyone's bandwidth and if that person pays for thier bandwidth it amounts to stealing from them. I've had my photobucket account for 2 years and this is the only time this has happened. I suspect the views that say they are originating from myspace are to blame since I never posted any pictures on myspace.
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